Born in Belgrade in 1972.
    1993  School of Visual Art,  New York
    1994 - 1996 Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade
    1996 - 2002 Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade  (BFA)
    2002 - 2004 Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (MFA)
    He is a member of IGBILDENDEKUNST - Austrian society of independent artists, and member of ULUS - Serbian artist's association.
    2002 Three months Artist in Residence in Vienna -
    Program of IGBILDENDEKUNST supported by Kultur Kontakt Austria

    Kupferstichkabinett, Vienna; Austria
    Stadt Wien, Austria
    Siemens, Austria
    Gesellschaft der Freunde der bildenden Kunste, Austria

    Private collections in Serbia, Austria, Germany and

    Solo exhibitions
    2004 Galerija Beograd, Belgrade, Bite a carrot, Bunny! (catalogue)
    2004 Galerie Rebell Minds, Berlin, Electric girl
    2003 Gallery REMONT, Belgrade, Electric girl
    2003 Museum Sammlung Essl - "emerging artist 03",
    Vienna, Tomorrow belongs to us? (catalogue)
    2002 SCArt, Vienna, Works on paper '98
    2001 SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Genocide (catalogue)
    2000 Exhibition in Belgrade's Media Centre
    2000 DOB Gallery Belgrade, ATLAS (catalogue)

    Selected group exhibitions
    2004 45th International October Salon, Belgrade,
    Continental Breakfast / curator Anda Rottenberg
    2004 Schloss Lamberg, Steyr, Abschrecken (catalogue)
    2004 Museum of Modern Art, Saint-Etienne, France,
    Passage d'Europe / curator Lorand Hegyi (catalogue)
    2004 Gallery Studio, Budapest, What do you know about us? (catalogue)
    2004 Gallery Steinek, Vienna, Mehrmaterial
    2004 Gallery Zvono, Belgrade, Age of innocence
    2003 44th October Salon, Belgrade / curator M.Todic
    2003 1st Beijing International Art Bienniale, China
    2003 Gallery Ernst Hilger, Vienna, Teddy bears
    2002 43rd October Salon, Belgrade / curator Lidija
    Merenik (catalogue)
    2002 Mannheimer Kunstverein, Mannheim Germany, CENTRAL
    New Art from Central Europe
     / curator Dr. Martin Stather
    2002 Manifesta 4, Frankfurt Germany, Archive project 
    2002 Gallery MAK, Sarajevo, CENTRAL New Art from
    Central Europe (catalogue)
    2001 Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade,
    Konverzacija, A Short - Notice Show  / curators
    B.Dimitrijevic, B.Andjelkovic, D.Sretenovic
    2001 5th International Festival of Young Independent
    Artists BREAK21, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Genocide
    2000 IGBILDENDEKUNST Gallery, Vienna, SOUVENIR
    2000 4thYugoslav Biennial of young artists, Vrsac


    Electric girl

    Is this a real child we look at, or a mirror of our
    own adult regrets? This creature whose cheeks we pinch and hair we ruffle, does it exist outside the
    mythology of innocence we've constructed?
                    Kevin Murray, Three Child Proofs, essay

    My photographic work Electric Girl from the series The
    Future Belongs To Us II
    , by its choice of topic
    attempts to put the viewer into the creative dialogue
    with the issues of visual codes which are embodied in
    the proposed photo images filled with protest, irony
    and depiction of the alternative or newly developed
    phenomena  in the present day society (consumer
    society). The work deals with the issues of the (ab-) use of children within the context (requirements and
    demands) proscribed by the advertising industry, where the child’s persona is reduced to the level of selling product. This can be easily visually transformed into anything that the market is in the need of. As a
    consequence, the child’s authentic qualities are being
    disregarded and replaced with the imposed constructed market values that might bring the profit up- young, confident, pretty, seductive. Image of the violence, as well as the violence of the image is the direct consequence of the strong orientation of the present day society towards profit making ("putting even the child’s innocence on sale"). This work raises the questions of responsibility, awareness and purity of
    the intention of adult members of the present day
    society which are dictating and shaping the nature,
    quality and purity of the society of tomorrow.